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Fueling Services

Self Serve/ After Hours fuel is available for both JetA and 100LL 24/7.

Fuel trucks are available during business hours and prearranged  call outs.

Fuel Prices as of 3/17/2021:

100LL Self Serve $5.30   off the truck $5.45

JETA Self Serve $4.15   off the truck $4.30, w/ prist $4.40


We offer a host of amenities for our pilots, including conference room, refreshments, lounge, restrooms, wi-fi, private pilot's lounge and after hours lounge with restroom.

Courtesy Car and Enterprise

Our courtesy car is generally first come first serve. If you are needing to travel some distance from the airport, Enterprise car rental is available Monday thru Friday 8am-5pm. 541-889-1098 option#4

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